【FHD 駅探訪No.57】JR海峡線 知内駅にて ~さようなら、北の玄関口~ (The Last Winter of Shiriuchi Station on the JR Kaikyo Line)




Shiriuchi station, located at Shiriuchi Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, is a station of JR Kaikyo line. The town is a hometown of Saburo Kitajima, who is a “mogul of Japanese ballad singer”. The station was promoted from signal station to passenger station on 1st July, 1990 to respond to the petition from the towner. However, it has a daily ridership of only 1 passengers in 2010. Here is the southernmost ground station of Hokkaido island. Passengers can reach here after going through the world’s longest (53.85 km) undersea tunnel “Seikan Tunnel” and “First Yunosato Tunnel (1.2 km)”. I took this movie of station, vicinity and trains at Shiriuchi station on the JR Kaikyo line.

BGM : takai様制作 “日常の物語”、”不思議な森~木々のざわめき~” ※配布元:音楽の卵(
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8 thoughts on “【FHD 駅探訪No.57】JR海峡線 知内駅にて ~さようなら、北の玄関口~ (The Last Winter of Shiriuchi Station on the JR Kaikyo Line)

  1. As i said before, i see your videos reached the next level! Really professional and realistic presentation of this station, i felt i was there, you goal was achieved! Impressive light changes, great speeds by the limited express trains and my favourite 485 sets. The freight was very impressive too, as the speed dragged the snow! I really admire you work! Please, check your PM.
    Panos san

  2. Hi OMIYAEXPRESS, according to the video, Local Trains were abolished in 2002. But do you know what rolling stock were used for the Local Trains? Are they KiHa40 Series trains?


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