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30 thoughts on “顏聖冠說馬英九特別費犯意明確

  1. Taiwan isn't that bad ? I am in Taipei now and I can tell you business IS BAD. Young people have a hard time finding jobs. The countries in Asia are doing well except Taiwan — thanks to a incompetent, corrupt, and dishonest DPP government that keeps on giving — to its own pockets. You are misled by the select viewing of media. Why don't you try working in Taiwan ? There has not been a government as corrupt in recent world history as the DPP government.

  2. Now, let me answer your rhetorical question. His donations have been anonymous during his tenure as the mayor of Taipei. With the recent shameless political prosecution by pro-DPP DA, his camp came out publicly with his past donations to foundations and charities. I read it on Taiwanese news. As many as 6000 Taiwanese politicians treat the special fees as a supplemental salary, but the pro-DPP DA has only prosecuted MA. How is that for an independent judicial system ?

  3. I agree. However, there has been government memorandum that the special fee subsidy, the portion that does not require receipts/expense reports, is established as salary subsidy by precedence. More than some 6000 government employees have been getting the same way for 10-20 years, and the Taiwanese DA's office never prosecuted anyone. In the South, no DA's even bother prosecuting anyone for the exact same reason.

  4. Just because DPP doesn't want KMT to be in office next year, does not mean it's ok to manipulate the judicial system to serve a political end. The right way to do it is through voting. Getting your crony DAs to prosecute the political competitors is what happened in Taiwan's past and has no place now or in Taiwan's future.

  5. The money requiring no receipts is for the events where receipts are hard to obtain (e.g., condolence fee). This may hence create a gray zone where people can screw around. However, most ppl will return this money that is not spent. Ma, not only saved each penny in his wife's private bank account, but also used it to pay for his daughter's credit card bill, insurance, and utilities. Ma could have explained it better if he were not defending himself in such a lousy way in the very beginning.

  6. The whole point of this case is not whether Ma has committed a terrible crime. Indeed, compared to other KMT ppl who stole millions of NTD from the government, Ma was just taking advantage of the loophole to put "a few" bucks in his own pocket. However, as some people pointed out, this lawsuit has destroyed his image the pan-blue media have tried so hard to paint for years.

  7. The current judgement of the Taiwan court stands by the precedence established — the money is regarded as a salary supplement and is used according to the mayor's discretion. That is the way the court sees it, and I'd say if you ignore that then you are perpetrating DPP bigotry and acting like a sore loser.

  8. The point here is that the DA has lost his independence and is selectively prosecuting Ma when other DA's chose not to pursue the same in Southern Taiwan. In sharp contrast are the Chen cabinet and his wife — talk about stealing from Taiwanese people. These people are freaking out that the people would vote them out next year. Then it's jail time for the DPP cabinet and maybe even Chen and families et al..

  9. Let's try to reduce the argument to simpler logistics:
    1. Did Ma admit the special fee subsidy should be primarily used for public affairs in the beginning? –> Yes. 2. Did Ma spend a proportion of the money on private matters? –> Yes (e.g., utilities and insurance fee). The judges dismissed these facts out of hand by one reason — Ma had "re-organized" his thoughts after he was prosecuted, so his earlier statement at the city council could be ignored by the court.

  10. A lack of knowledge of laws doesn't grant any ground to acquittal. You could argue that the way he dealt with this money was based on conventional judgment adopted by many other people rather than intentional infraction, but you couldn't say that he was totally not aware of the fact that this money could ONLY be used for public affairs AT HIS DISCRETION. If DPP government officials make the same mistake, they should be investigated, too.

  11. I am in Taipei too, but what I see is different. Warehouses and department stores are opening here and there. The new apartments and office buildings are booming everywhere. Not to mention Taiwan's unemployment rate is getting lower and now it is the lowest in 7 years. You have watched too much TV and getting wrong information. You just go out then you will see the true Taiwan.

  12. Again, how do you know he really donated if it is "anonymous"? It is no shame to say where and when. Ma is not saint. You should know that actually most of his donations go to two of his own foundations. The money(~47 million NT) is from his election grants gained from his two mayor elections. Most politicians donate their grants after the elections. Ma is not the only one. Again, take note that he donated another 10 million "right after" he was arraigned.

  13. well, maybe you are in one of those businesses benefiting from the DPP government. the fact is average starting salaries has stay about the same and consumer goods are more expensive. less people eat out, and when they do they don't spend as much. when i hire people, a lot more job seekers show up that i have spot for. the unemployment rate you have is probably government propaganda.

  14. most dpp politicians kept their election money. while taiwan's economy is going down the drain, all the top dpp politicans have become millionaires through the past 8 yrs. Performance is measurable by metrics. Taiwan's GDP went down under dpp rule. try not to avoid the obvious. taiwan's economy has never been worse.

  15. logic is simple, but not when you are trying to incriminate an honest person. is this money salary supplement ? the court says yes. can a mayor use his salary supplement for charity donation ? sure. the judges look at the available government memos on the subjects and see that it is indeed established by precedence. what ma says doesn't matter at all. what matters is the law and how the court interprets it. in this case, more people in taiwan agree with the court.

  16. now take a look at presidential fee that requires receipts. the receipts justfifies the expenditure and see taiwan's first lady using receipts from her and others' shopping sprees to pad chen's presidential reimbursement. the first lady has never fainted in the past 8 yrs publicly, but fainted only in court for everyone to see. occam's razor tells me that she has broken a few laws and tarnished taiwan's image.

  17. a first lady that steals so blatantly makes taiwan a laugh stock among world's nations. people who think stealing like this is ok underlines taiwan's deteriorating moral fibers under the dpp rule.

  18. 法院是國民黨開的.馬英九貪污一審被外省法官判無罪,當然不會讓台灣人意外.想想對婦女襲胸只要不超過10秒,也會被這種法官認 為不會引起性慾,同樣無罪開釋,(或許是因為他倒陽,所以不會引起性慾!)

  19. 台北市議員顏聖冠質詢馬英九貪污為天經地義.

  20. 謝長庭的特別費檢察官判定無罪且不起訴.馬英九是正式貪污罪被起訴.因為他將特別費進了老婆的口袋.

  21. 中國過去20年成功的經驗,並不能保證未來的10年中國還能永續發展,視野高度的不同,我看到的不是大國的掘起,而是帝國毀滅的開始.至於台灣!我看到的是春天也許會遲到,但不會不來.

  22. 台灣人是新興民族? This is new to me, so I guess you are writing in Taiwanese character and Taiwanese grammer. Oh NO, you are writing in Chinese. You betrayed Taiwan!!

  23. 制憲及台獨何處違憲及違法?

  24. 大家都知道波士頓通訊的葉武台先生是國民黨海工會特務,專門搞黑名單的抓耙子.並不是國家的情報人員.

  25. 都是假的!什麼搧風點火!


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