Ma Ying-jeou is a Good Comrade 马英九是个好同志 1

When we talk about Taiwan, do we really know what kind of a place it is? It may be impossible to define, but what is clear is that Taiwanese gays are already proudly out on the streets wielding the power of the rainbow. Whats also clear is that many of Taiwans academics are going all out to improve peoples understanding of gay culture. Of course the fame factor also helps: A-Mei has sung loudly during Taipei Pride, and Ma Ying-jeou has gone deep into the heart of the parade to shake hands and chew the fat with the scantily clad boys. These are just a handful of the people who have encouraged the common man to better understand and support real diversity in Taiwanese society. So what are you waiting for? For those mainland comrades who couldnt make it all the way out to Taiwan for Pride, theres the new episode of QAF Beijing, were the hot girls and guys voguing for the crowds are as clear as in real life. But dont just stare listen and learn. This is essential viewing for any open minded citizen of the 21st century.


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