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About #Taiwan

The fake Taiwan:

In the document of United States Bilateral Treaties in Force (issued by Department of State):
The United States does not recognize the “Republic of China” as a state or government.

The governing authorities on Taiwan(Republic of China pre-1979, Taiwan Relations Act of 1979), aka Chinese Taipei, acts as military occupation since October 25, 1945, and as Chinese exiled government in Taipei since October, 1949.

The Real Taiwan:

As Peace Treaty with Japan (aka San Francisco Peace Treaty), Formosa and the Pescadores (Article 2b) (aka Taiwan) are under control of the U.S. Military Government (Article 4b) whereas the U.S.A. is as the principal occupying Power (Article 23a.)

Peace Treaty with Japan is still in force to U.S.A. Read the document of United States Bilateral Treaties in Force issued annually by Department of State.

Links to Taiwan Civil Government sites are welcomed. Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the Taiwan Civil Government Web Site is in the public domain and may be copied and distributed without permission. Citation of the Taiwan Civil Government as source of the information is appreciated.

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