[Map Tactics] New Dawn

Polish your seamanship with lesson from the Map Tactics video series! In this very first episode, we feature the map “New Dawn”!

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12 thoughts on “[Map Tactics] New Dawn

  1. May i say how can my crew not see a destroyer 5km from me? a 100t ship dissappers that far how is that shit possible? using the ship delow south carolina

  2. -.- เรือประจัญบาน ภาษาอังกฤษว่า Destroyer หรอครับบบบ ซับไทยแก้ไขด้วย!! 1:262:12

  3. impossible to play the plan if play in random mode

    thaisub : destroyer not เรือประจัญบาน, it's เรือพิฆาต

  4. 不要白痴了..亞服就只會龜啊
    BB衝CA賣 CA衝BB龜 只要一開光DD馬上跑回家永不佔區….
    遊戲只是要爽玩 而不是每埸都計著有沒有賺錢"

  5. In my opinion, no matter where we were born, it is better to go to point A in this map. Compared with point A, as there are more islands from F7 to F5, battleships and cruisers are harder to support allies on the way to and after capping point C. The side that controls point B will enjoy more advantage than we think, not only because of pts, but also due to the information, that is, if point B is being capped, we will know there must be a DD or a cruiser here. Once we get point B, it is rather hard for enemy to re-cap it.

  6. I remember asking my teammates to takeover B and C when we have the South West starting point.

    The issue, IMO, with pushing a straight line like that in this video is that after controlling C (assuming we start at the lower left), control over B could be taken up by a few enemy destroyers, with a cruiser and battleship giving support fire for them, while the enemy group that takes over A could push to out starting point and start taking down our carriers.

  7. "CV should focus more in BB"
    Thats wrong!! In my experience, in higher tier, BB will often have high aa dmg to pierce all the aircraft in no time, plus it is difficult to sunk a bb in a single salvo (unless he's a dumb)
    In other hand, dd has significant low aa dmg compare to bb, & 1 good salvo will highly dmg those pesky boat if u dont sink her immediately and let your teammate end her.
    So I highly suggest that CV should focus on dd 1st than bb


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